The final component on this rifle is a 12-4256 Nightforce BR with DD-1 reticle set in Leupold Quick Release rings. Q: What you do enjoy most about long-range benchrest shooting? Trigger: I recommend and use Jewell triggers. However, by blowing the sidewalls out 0.010, the .284 Shehane picks up about 3.3 grains of extra case capacity. By fire-forming a couple cases after each barrel-cleaning during a match, by the end of the weekend Ive got a dozen or more freshly fire-formed cases to put into the rotation. In fact, this impressive sub-quarter MOA group was shot while fire-forming with a very well-worn barrel! This stock features a fully-adjustable buttplate plus a removable cheek-piece with thumb-wheel adjustment. We would compare notes frequently. To my surprise 57.0 grains of H4831 was now shooting 2975 fps! who used the .284 Shehane to finish third at the 2009 F-Class Worlds in England says the .284 Shehane is very accurate with superb vertical spreads at 1000 yards. With N560 or Reloder 17 you can go even faster. Ill make my wind call while the target is in the pits; if my previous shot went where I thought it would I will take my next shot as soon as the target stops. He formed the brass and had it in the mail the next day[.] To me, the 284/shehane is proven. The 284 Shehane is a moderately blown out 284, with 3% extra capacity over the parent case. Powder Load Development - 284 Win vs Vihtavuori N165 - YouTube 0:00 / 15:59 Sign in to confirm your age This video may be inappropriate for some users. All these components have been a successful combination that has worked flawlessly[.]. Here is why: You have to shoot a 30 Cal Magnum with a 240gr bullet to equal the performance of most 7mm chamberings with the 180 Berger VLD. The Oehler consistently gave me readings of 2892 fps to 2902 fps with an SD of 4 fps using once-fired brass. Henry: The sport offers good people and a real challenge. The 6.5 caliber allowed for the use of long, aerodynamic bullets. My 6.5-284 barrel went south at 900 rounds. I felt the same result could be had with a Light Gun. Sent the pad to Gary Eliseo and he sent it back with the butt plate machined to fit. With Darrells hydro-forming service you dont have to buy any special dies or other equipment. Gun builder Ryan Pierce of Piercision Rifles explains: Heres a 5-shot 0.191 group at 100 yards with my .284 Shehane fire-forming loads. YMMV, but this is what Ive observed. With availability of useful bullets ranging from 85 grains to 160 grains, the 6.5-284 has a lot to offer varminters, big-game hunters and long-range target shooters. Using these figures, the barrel cost of a .284 Win is $.17 per round vs. $.42 per round for the 6.5-284. Here is the wifes quilted Maple 96 Mauser 6.555. 1 of 2 . At least with regard to brass the situation should improve this year: Gun builder Ryan Pierce of Piercision Rifles explains: Heres a 5-shot 0.191 group at 100 yards with my .284 Shehane fire-forming loads. Bryan did all the stock work and fitted the action, rails, and RAD recoil pad. I didnt have a good paintwork place so I had to improvise. How important is practice, and what do you do during a typical practice session? Lower center of gravity equals less torque, and that is very important when shooting heavy bullets in fast twist barrels. The 2018 F-Class Nationals recently concluded at Raton, NM. Gun builder Ryan Pierce of Piercision Rifles explains: Heres a 5-shot 0.191 group at 100 yards with my .284 Shehane fireforming loads. The turnaround is usually less than five days. This blue marble-painted beauty features a BAT B action timed by Alex, fitted with Jewell trigger, and Borden trigger guard. March scopes are also very popular and very well-made. Jays metal-work is so precise that I can screw any barrel hes chambered to any BAT action I own. My .284 barrel now has 1,036 rounds, and by all indications it will shoot well to 3,000+ rounds. Share the post "Is the .284 Shehane Inherently Accurate? All of the above information is based on my personal experience and it is meant to help new shooters choose the right cartridges for F-Class matches. This gave me the right amount of wind to work with. I loaded 44 rounds using 55.0 grains of H4831sc. I push out to 600 yds and do a ladder test in round-robin format. I run a 184gr Berger at about 2850 FPS and get great brass life in my other rifles. The event was well-attended, with excellent turn out for both the Mid-Range and Long-Range cycles. Support Our SPONSORS Competitive Edge 5 x 2.5 'Big Bottom' But Sierras new 183gr MK bullet (with factory-uniformed meplats) seems to perform very well as does the Berger 180 VLD. I'd think throated properly and with the right powder, RL26 maybe, you'd be able to reach 2700 or more with just a straight 284. I usually start to consider tossing the brass around 15 firings. JavaScript is disabled. I am not saying that button-rifled barrels are not capable of shooting as well as cut-rifled barrels, but on average, in my experience, four out of five cut-rifled barrels (from top makers) will shoot well, vs. three out of five buttoned barrels. He decided to go with a Brux 1:8.5-twist, 4-groove cut-rifled barrel. I then push one wet patch of Eliminator through the bore and leave it. In addition to the 6mmBR-based cases shown below, Darrell can now hydro-form 6PPC cases from .220 Russian brass, and he also offers .284 Shehane. I use about four patches of Carb-Out, let it sit a few minutes, then use one stroke of a nylon brush followed by Patch-Out until the barrel is clean. Q: Henry, you have been a Forum member for many years. Speaking of the stock, there was only one choice, a Purple Haze laminated F-class model from Precision Rifle & Tool. In 2008, I went to the Williamsport Benchrest School with a friend from Pennsylvania, John Haas. Without, I would probably still be shooting double-digit (10+) groups at 1000 yards, and I sure wouldnt have my name on a National Championship trophy. IMPORTANT: Contact Darrell for shipping instructions BEFORE sending brass for processing. This article will focus on proven choices, currently used by the top F-Class shooters in the world. Nov 21, 2022, 2:52 PM UTC homebrewery templates dr huber little girls orgasm videos erotic story about young best friends vista payroll login fanfiction harry potter renounces his parents This allows the stock to accommodate either a hard hold style or a more free-recoil style of shooting whatever the rifles owner prefers. I noticed that Bryan had been adding aluminum rails to the front of Cerus stocks to lower the center of gravity and improve tracking. Why do you like the .284 Shehane? Note the 5-wide fore-end which is not legal for F-Class. We can expand your necks from .22 caliber to .30 caliber and anneal shoulders for consistent bump-back. I used a Fulghum (Randolph Machine) front rest with an Edgewood bag made with the low-friction 3M material. Barrel: Duane made another good choice here. He posted: Some like synthetic and some like wood I have both. ), Norm Harrold Won 2018 F-Class Open Division Nationals with .284 Shehane Rifle. What is not to love about the 284 Shehane? My good friend at CRS Custom Rifle Stocks in Aaronsburg, PA made and painted the stock. Two months ago, I was contacted by Duane, a gentleman I met at the 2015 F-Class Nationals. I have nothing against clear-coated wood, but I wanted something different, as this was my first all-wood rifle. Note also the tuner on the barrel. with holes in the buttstock and forend. The .284 Shehane shoots inside the 6.5 AND the straight .284, the .300 WSM, and the .300 Win Mag with less recoil. Do you have a gun youd like to see featured there? After the NC State Champs, the gun went into hibernation for the winter. Owner Aeon tells us: The 7 SAUM was as easy a gun as I have ever shot to find a good load for H1000 gave great consistency and tuning was not hard. Henry told us: I want to share every lesson Ive learned, so that other guys can improve their game and enjoy the sport more. Henry also wants to encourage other senior shooters: If you pay attention to details (when reloading), and get a good rifle with a good barrel, age is not a handicap. I asked people that shot both the Shehane and the straight 284 about the pros and cons. The case issues seem to be with previously softer batches of cases. At the end he holds the Oehler Chrono up to the camera so you can view the readout yourself. BTW, I stuck with the original. Team Pierce Engineering won the F-TR Mid-Range Team event. We have 6mm-284 Winchester dies for sale, from great brands like Forster, Hornady, Lee, Lyman, RCBS, and Redding Reloading Products. Then we backed the powder charge down until the bolt lift was smooth and the primers were nice and round. The same has proven true of my .284 Winchestervertical improves once 50 rounds are through the bore. PLEASE CHECK YOUR BOLT DIAMETER BEFORE ORDERING. That enhancement makes a BIG difference. At those distances the 6mm and 6.5mm cartridges rule. I use Hodgdon H4831sc powder, CCI BR2 primers, and pointed 180gr Bergers., Share the post "Accurate Cartridges The .284 Shehane, an Improved .284 Win", Tags: .284 Shehane, .284 Winchester, Erik Cortina, F-Class, F-Open, Improved, Ryan Pierce. Next Last. I use a bore mop to clean inside the chamber, then some Break Free LP on the bolt followed by bolt grease on the lugs and cocking part. Use your fouler shots to fire-form new cases. About the Patriotic Paint Job After he cleans his barrel, Joel knows it takes two or three shots to foul in the bore before accuracy returns. Ian Klemms winning .308 Win featured a Kelbly Panda action, 30 Bartline 1:10-twist barrel, and McMillan X-IT left-hand stock. Share the post ".284 Shehane Winning Wildcat for F-Open Competition". At my age I am not good at computers. Whats the water volume of the case? Many records have been shot with both button-rifled, and cut-rifled barrels. The lovely Maple stock was hand-carved by Forum member Spitfire_ER. You are using an out of date browser. I clean my barrels at the end of each day when I get home. In this 15-55X NF model, I like the DDR-2 reticle best, because fine cross hairs (FCH) are hard to see in heavy mirage. After that I play a little with seating depth and look for a change. All Kriegers. SurpriseVelocities Rise, So Load Must Be Tweaked Want to try a Dasher or 6 BRA but dont like the hassle of fire-forming? After I get the feedback I need from my sighters its time to go for record. Darrell tells us: Many of my customers take this brass and load it as is and go straight to a match and shoot some very nice groups., With Darrells hydro-forming service you dont have to buy any special dies or other equipment. We had three shooters and each rifle was fired simultaneously with no-wind zeros on three separate targets set at 1000 yards. This has proven to be a valuable tool in my load development. Dies for an Improved .284 Win Cartridge With the .284 Shehane, my bolt cycles like there is no case to eject. The rifle began its life as a Will McClosky Cerus stock. I figured if I get it up to 2935-2950 fps that will be a point or two saved in a several day match. The "old" 284 Winchester on the right is loaded to COAL of 2.8 inches. This does make a difference at 1000 yards. The Dasher had actually been giving tighter groups under perfect conditions, but seeing the impact is important. Jason Cohens We the People patriotic .284 Shehane F-Class rifle. I asked the guy in the yard about it and he said it had been returned because it had too much figure for the job the customer was working on. Our discussion will analyze cartridge selection based on the four different F-Class sub-disciplines: Open Mid-Range, Open Long-Range, F-TR Mid-Range, and F-TR Long Range. IMPORTANT TIP: After 3 firings I will uniform the primer pockets and anneal the case necks. Holding elevation in F-Class is crucial. Complete game changer! If you want more than a standard 284 Win in a short-fat, move up to a 7mm WSM. The rifle is a dream to shoot now with a big reduction in felt recoil.. The new barrel on this rifle was tested using the same load. Note the block fitted to the tubular fore-end so the rifle rides smooth and steady on the Rodzilla T-Rex joystick front rest. I loaned my Dasher to another shooter two years ago and he got second at the 600-yard Nationals. The action is from the first rifle I purchased with my own money 21 years ago (700VSS). The rifle now sports a 24 Brux barrel chambered in 6mm Creedmoor, with aftermarket PT&G Bolt and DBM metal. And F-Class guys if youre shooting a .284 Win-based case in F-Open you should definitely read Henrys precision reloading advice. Share the post "Henrys Hammer State-of-the-Art .284 Shehane for 1K BR". Then the 180gr bullets are seated using a Redding Competition Seating Die. I will occasionally mess with the tuner and tighten things up if possible. For more information, visit, or call Darrell at (205) 461-4680. 10 shot group at 100 yards off bipod with back bag, (would like to have that first shot back) . Bryan Litz won both the Mid-Range and Long-Range 2015 Championships using 215s. Thanks Cody! Q: Tell us about your Nationals-winning rifle and bench gear. Share the post "Hydro-Forming, Annealing, Neck-Turning by DJs Brass". After the brass is sorted, I chamfer the case mouths with an RCBS VLD tool. I tried some, accepting some and rejecting some. He can also turn the necks to your specs (for an additional charge). The .284 Shehane Accurate and Forgiving Wildcat This is one sport where you can be a champion in later life., Click on Rifle Photos to View Full-screen Versions. For starters, a .300 WSM is certainly capable of winning mid-range matches but it is not ideal. One of the most popular features of our Shooters Forum is the ongoing Pride and Joy thread. Dale also threaded the barrel for a Woolum Accuracy tuner. Three-Minute Prep Period The 7mm RSAUM is another outstanding long-range round. The barrel was near-new; this was the first time I had used it this year. Andy informed me that this had happened to him with several rifles. But in reality, on average, the .223 Rem, regardless of what powder/bullet combo is used, cannot compete with the .308 Win. However, to REALLY make a difference, you would need to get a cartridge capable of launching those 180's at a minimum of 3050+! Dont lose your accuracy by having carbon build up and close off the clearance required for the most accurate bullet release through a muzzle brake. Note: Extra charges apply for neck-turning and neck expansion operations, or specialized cartridge-forming operations. Turns out this was my fault. [This] caliber has awesome accuracy. I had a local gunsmith cut a thread on the muzzle brake for a tuner I got from Sid Goodling. Henrys Championship-winning rig is shown below. We offer new reloding data for: .284 Winchester, with bullets: 140 grs / 9,1 gram Nosler E-Tip 150 grs / 9,7 gram Hornady ELD-X The extra boiler room is enough to drive the 180s at 2900-2950 fps with 30-32 barrels using H4831sc, Vihtavuori N560, or Alliant Reloder 16. After trying Federal 210m primers, CCI BR-2 primers, light tension, heavy tension, jamming, jumping, we settled on 56.0+ grains of H4831sc with CCI BR-2 primers. In the rear I use a special-order Protekor rear Doctor bag with ears spaced 3 inches apart. The stock is an HS Precision painted by Premier Accuracy. It offers great ballistics with very low recoil and big accuracy window. This step was performed on the cases for the next match and it corrected the problem, as I lost no points to elevation. It was a family affair this year for the Klemm clan. It still supported on a 3 forearm and is full length. Here are the initial powder tests for the Shehane. The parent case for this wildcat is the 284 Winchester. Q: Henry, you can shoot long-distance on your own property in Missouri. Full Service: Uniform primer pockets, Chamfer case mouths, Ultrasonic cleaning, Anneal case necks (Starting at $60.00/100 call for quote) ), Darrell Jones of DJs Brass Service went far beyond the call of duty, to assist me [with my first] IBS match. Forum member FrankZ explains: This is my favorite rifle and it will become my daughters first centerfire. The 6.5-284 wins its share of matches, and is a true tack-driver when tuned right. It had 2000 as a straight .284 Win and then I set it back to .284 Shehane to form brass with. No bad reports about the new lots and the new box I have fireformed seem just as tight. He said he had just the stock that I could use, and sent that to Bryan Blake at Blake Machine. Jay Cutright chambers my barrels. Ballards Purple Haze rifle features superb components, including a BAT MB action, Nightforce 12-42 BR Scope, and a wickedly accurate 32 Broughton barrel. We loaded 53.0 grains of Hodgdon H4831sc and shot one round, cleaned, shot three rounds, cleaned, then shot 10 rounds and cleaned. Many championships have been won, and many records set with those two bullets in the .308 Win. The paper tells the rest of the story. Everything turned out flawless. In C.I.P. Just before Nationals, I tried going up and down one marker. Single digit ES (Extreme Spread) is the goal. The 284 KMR IMP seems to have two nodes, one around 2820 fps and other at 2940 fps. Do you shoot a popular wildcat (such as the 6 BRA), but hate the hassle of fire-forming all your own cartridge brass? For shooters who are not sold on the .284 Winchester, I give you a real-world ballistics shoot-off. In a hurry, dont have time? That is pretty good speed from a 26" with H4350. Now that Lapua and Peterson has released 284 Winchester brass, this could alleviate the need to neck up 6.5 brass. And Darrells turn-around time is typically very fast. Q: You are in your 70s now and have only been shooting competitively for a few years. Nobody I spoke with had ever experienced this problem until I spoke with a very knowledgeable F-Class shooter named Andy Amber. Bolt timing, ejection, and feeding is going to be messed up. But I was hooked after that match. ], Conclusion (and Other Options) Lapua makes great brass for it (no surprise there) and Berger makes great bullets: 130gr VLD, 140gr VLD, 140gr Hybrids. Typical load for a Shehane is around 57.0 grains of Hodgdon H4831 SC.". Reloading Depot . Uniform velocity gives me more consistent vertical point of impact. In a very short span, Ballard and this rifle racked up an impressive string of performances. Q: What kind of precision are you looking for in your reloads? (Thats with a reasonably fast barrel. After my first string this load started hammering. Is there a big difference in tracking and/or stability? as is and can be made as light as 3lbs. My action of choice was a beefy 1.55-diameter, round BAT MB, Left Bolt, Right Port. I talked two stock makers into making them. Ian Klemm won his Second Straight F-TR National Championship last week. Its not pretty but it tracks like a Heavy Gun stock. At the time I was shooting a 300 WSM. This was the first five rounds through it after I cleaned it after the last match. If there is a down-side to the .284 it would be recoil. Use a Nightforce NSX 5.5-22x50 scope with the MOAR- T reticle (super fine reticle) Load should be 52.3 gr H4350, CCI BR2 primer, Norma 284 brass, Berger 180 Hybrid and seat it 15 thou off. Heres a tip for guys who shoot the 6 PPC, 6 Dasher, 6 BRA, .284 Shehane, or other wildcat cartridges that require fire-forming. Hydro-forming by Darrell costs $0.60 (sixty cents) per case with a minimum order of $60. 01263 739923 Phone lines open till 10pm, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year - Shop Open From Monday to Friday 7.30am - 4pm This barrel has 2200 rounds through it. The 168 bergers work great also with vvn165 between 57 and 58g. This barrel has 2200 rounds through it. This has a McMillan Kestros ZR stock fitted with a RAD (spring-loaded buttpad) system with custom spring. I usually anneal the brass each winter. This handsome rifle, which belongs to Forum member J.J.Coe, represents the state-of-the-art for 100/200-yard benchrest rifles. Norm revealed his load in an Erik Cortina YouTube Video. The 6.5X47 Lapua was designed for 300-meter competition, but as soon as it was released, it was adopted by F-Class, benchrest, and tactical shooters. I will occasionally mess with the tuner and tighten things up if possible. Is the .284 Shehane Inherently Accurate? That enhancement makes a BIG difference. I encountered vertical, vertical, and more vertical. The new Master Class Low Profile stock shares the same grip as the old model. It is chambered (no surprise) for the 6 PPC cartridge, which dominates the short-range game. Team Grizzly: Shiraz Balolia, Emil Kovan, David Mann, John Myers, Trudie Fay (Coach). For accurate dispensing, put very little powder into the Omega so you can drop one kernel at a time. The laminated stock was modified by Tommy Shurley from a standard 3-wide fore-end to a 5-wide True-Trac with an adjustable 3-wide rear plate. It was fitted to my action by Dale Woolum of Woolum Accuracy. There are hundreds of cartridge types capable of winning in F-Open. A lot of barrels will top out at about 2850 fps. Bryan did all the stock work and fitted the action, rails, and RAD recoil pad. If you need formed brass for a new build (gun not yet fired), let me know and I will size the brass to fit within .001 of a PT&G GO gauge.. The only goal I have is to obtain the lowest ES and SD I possibly can. I have shot both, and prefer cut-rifled barrels. the 284 win is one of those overlooked cartridges. I started calling anyone I could thing of to see if they had any idea what could be causing this problem. Tuners definitely can work. We hope these Pride and Joy rifles may provide inspiration for our readers, whetting their appetite for their next competition, varminting, or hunting rifle project. The Lawn Ranger Pretty much ALL of them told me that if they had it to do all over again, they WOULD NOT go with the Shehane and, instead, stick with the stock 284 Winchester! I find that funny because if could somehow properly size the cases for three fire-forming cycles, I would not need a sizing die. In this match I found the first weakness in my beloved .284. We thank Joel for this smart suggestion. Would love to read more about the Shehane, as apparently Sabatti has three factory rifles (Evo, TLD and STR Sport) to offer in this cartridge: Team LBB shot well, to earn a second straight Mid-Range National Title, and grab second (Silver) at Long Range. Four other people have shot their first 1000-yard matches with my rifles, including my wife, and all of them won relays! After hydro-forming, Darrell can also neck-turn the case for an additional charge (call for combined quote). I figured if I get it up to 2935-2950 fps that will be a point or two saved in a several day match. Register for the Forum and you can add your favorite gun to the list. All this being said, if a man wanted just one caliber for F-Class, long-range benchrest, and hunting, I would still suggest the .284 Win. The stock in laminate weighs 3lbs. I use Lapua brass (6.5-284 necked-up), CCI BR-2 primers, Hodgdon H4350 powder, and Berger 184gr bullets. IMPORTANT: Contact Darrell for shipping instructions BEFORE sending any brass for processing. grip on the bullet) is really important. He posted: Got this 6.547 Lapua back from my smith about six months ago. Norm loaded Berger 184gr 7mm bullets in Lapua brass. Team member Jay Christopherson praised his team-mates and also gave credit to his rivals: Team Grizzly was outstanding for the LR Open Gold. Based on the success I had shooting 210s in my 300 WSM with a slower 1:11 twist we opted to go with a 1:9 twist 7mm to shoot the 180gr Bergers. Tips for F-Class Competitors The only cons I can find are that 284 brass is kinda hard to find! I predominantly shoot and adjust my aim based on mirage. Hydro-forming by Darrell costs $0.60 per case with 100-ct minimum. These upgrades make it a thoroughly-modern Henry lever gun for the 21st Century. I have a 29 barrel also though since its a setback. I went to some VHA jamborees also. Precision Rifle & Tools F-Class stock fit this bill to perfection. I use the Omega powder trickler with a Sartorius GD-503 lab-grade balance to achieve that. It has also been the bases for several wildcats, including the 6mm-284, .284 Shehane, .30-284, .338-284, .35-284, .375-284 and others. Others will tell you that the rifle must be on to win. The price for a 'Big Dawg' in Rutland laminate is $545. I dont primarily shoot for groups. The K&M arbor with seating force gauge shows the need to do this. But my .284, with its high-BC Berger 180s, shot inside both the 6.5 and 300 by at least 3 every time. Starting at just $20 per 100 cases ($25/100 for magnum cases), Darrells company, DJs Brass, will anneal your used brass using the impressive Bench-Source annealing machines. My target seating force on the K&M dial is 20-23 units for Dashers and 35-40 units for the .284 Shehane. I think thats why Ive been able to build loads that consistently deliver single-digit Extreme Spreads with ultra-low SDs. If you need formed brass for a new build (gun not yet fired), let me know and I will size the brass to fit within .001 of a PT&G GO gauge.. The extra boiler room is enough to drive the 180s at 2900-2950 fps with H4831sc, with long barrels. If I have switching conditions, I will remove all wind from the scope, slow down, use the flags and mirage, still holding off. [Editor: The equipment lists at major F-TR matches will confirm Kovans conclusion here. To quote Danny Biggs (a two times FTR National Champion) The 185 BTLR is the best bullet for .308 Win ever made. He tells us: I found this piece of wood as a return at a lumber yard about 7-8 years ago. They tracked well. Just call Darrell and hell make something work for you. You use less powder than the 7 mags, and have great accuracy and ballistics even while fire-forming. The 284 Shehane is amazing, very forgiving and not temperamental. Editors NOTE: These numbers are 10 years old. You may see 40 units (on the K&M dial) dropping to 20, then slowly increasing pressure. However, to truly compare the cost of shooting the two calibers you must figure in barrel life. I use Erics tuner/brakes on all my new barrels.) After getting in late one Saturday night, I forgot to clean my rifle. With the .284 Shehane, you have a .308 bolt face, medium action, and Lapua brass. On Saturday my .284 was absolutely hammering, but Sunday I started noticing a hard bolt lift. [Editors Note: Jerry Tierney is no longer with us. I have high hopes of it being an great gun. A dummy round was sent to Pacific Tool and Gauge to have a reamer ground to our specs. Sort By: Items Per Page: Item Total: (21) 0 - 21 7mm (.284) Neck Sizer Die With Zip Spindle 005-046044 | Hornady $33.45 In Stock 284 Winchester (.284) Match Grade Die Set 005-544303 | Hornady $104.99 In Stock I found that the 300 WSMs vertical really tightened up after about 50 rounds. Tom was shooting a .284 Shehane cartrdige in the new McMillan Kestros stock. Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C 17.25" Sight-in Target - 5 Targets Best bullets for the 6mm Dasher are: Vapor Trail 103gr, Berger 105 Hybrid, 108 BT, and 105 VLD (hunting). Forum member Jim Hardy has shot the .284 with great success. The .284 is the parent cartridge for the 6.5-284 Norma as well as the .450 Bushmaster and .475 Wildey Magnum. From this point we worked up in half-grain increments until pressure signs developed at 2950 fps. I thought we had a load dialed-in, so I was fairly confident going to the North Carolina Long-Range State Championships. })(); To comment on a post, click Post Title or "Comment" Link. I work up from that reduced charge weight in increments of 0.3 grains. 14ozs. So I did it myself my first Candy Apple red. Jason Jumped to Open Class after Starting with F-TR A 284 Shehane at 2900f.p.s. My 284 Shehane is my favourite rifle, built as a mountain rifle for hunting further and deeper into the Alpine in the search of elusive Sambar deer, it has achieved its performance goals and then some. savlon for chilblains, discord ranking system, edu manzano wife rina samson,